E-Learning Platforms: FutureLearn, EdX, WorkRamp, and Alison

E-Learning Free Courses

E-learning free courses are designed with specific learning goals in mind, are accessible and can be completed at any time. They are also multilingual and can be accessed on any device.

Unlike offline learning, online learning requires only a computer and a good internet connection. It reduces costs such as hiring instructors, renting classroom space and printing exam papers. It also saves time for managers who would otherwise spend it grading paper exams and responding to employee questions.


Whether you’re looking for an online course or just want to expand your knowledge, there are plenty of options. Many of these platforms offer free courses that will help you get started. Some offer subscription-based access to a wider range of courses for a monthly fee. Others charge a one-time fee for individual courses. Some even offer certification if you complete the course.

FutureLearn offers short and long courses, as well as a variety of learning methods. These include videos, reading, discussions, and quizzes. Some also have project-based assessments and peer-to-peer learning. These programs are often offered by universities and other organizations. Many of these programs are fully accredited, giving you university credits and a certificate of completion.

FutureLearn’s partnerships with many universities make it a popular choice for learners. Its offerings include subjects such as Business, Medicine, and Education. In addition, the platform has recently expanded its offering of healthcare courses to address a growing need.


EdX is a non-profit company offering free and paid online courses from top universities around the world. Their courses cover topics from game development to the art of persuading people. The company has partnered with more than 90 institutions from countries around the globe.

Each course on edX includes pre-recorded videos, readings, student discussion forums, homework assignments and online quizzes. Some courses are instructor-paced, while others are self-paced. In addition, some edX courses can be used to earn university credits that may lead to a degree.

Open edX is an open-source platform that can be used to build and host courses, regardless of size. This allows for easy customization and enables learners to access course material at their convenience. In addition, the platform supports a variety of third-party tools for social and collaborative learning. It is also scalable, meaning it can handle massive amounts of students. This makes it a great choice for organizations that want to offer their employees access to a high-quality education without the cost of traditional college courses.


WorkRamp is an all-in-one LMS that allows enterprises to create impactful learning programs for employees and customers. Its comprehensive features include a customizable reporting API and prebuilt content that allows organizations to easily scale their enablement efforts. It also offers a variety of integrations with commonly used platforms like Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Zendesk.

Its simple user interface provides admins with a clear way to manage their entire training ecosystem, including guides, paths, challenges, and libraries. Its robust capabilities make it a great choice for companies looking to maximize their investment in employee development and grow their business.

Its customer community software lets users connect with each other and share their experiences. The tool also helps businesses streamline feedback in a digital, scalable way. This feature helps build trust and loyalty with their customers. It also reduces support ticket volume and enables companies to provide more personalized customer service. The platform offers native dashboards and analytics for a complete customer experience.


Alison is an online learning platform that allows subject-matter experts to self-publish their content for free. It also offers a full suite of solutions to help learners track progress and learn more effectively. These solutions include a web-based management tool, a certificate system, and an integrated course monitoring system.

The company’s online courses offer a variety of topics in nine major subject areas, including science, language, and psychology. They are categorized according to their level of difficulty, with Certificate and Diploma levels representing college-level study.

Alison has recently developed a mobile app, making it easy for learners to access their content on the go. The app features a number of handy tools, such as study reminders and a note-taking feature. In addition, it supports a range of payment methods and rewards learners with badges for their achievements. It is available for iOS and Android devices. However, some reviews complain that the app is cluttered with ads and lacks features that are essential for a mobile learning experience.

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